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Anatomy Train Lines
The KMI session series is built around the Anatomy Train Myofascial Meridians.  Each Myofascial Meridian provides a way to define the territory for each of the 12 sessions.  Although the territory for each session is defined, how the territory is worked depends on each clients own individual patterns.

Fascia is continuous throughout the body.  It holds everything in place and gives us our form.  Using the Superficial Back Line as an example- what occurs in the foot, may actually be creating the postural stess in the low back or vice versa.  A common occurrence in medicine is to treat symptoms.  However, symptoms are not always where the problem begins but rather where they are being expressed.  It's like driving through a construction site of nails and getting a hole in your tire.  You can repair the tire but if you continue to drive through the site, the tire's going to get another hole.  You need to clean up the nails to prevent the reoccurence.
Session  Fascial Line 
Session 1 consists of work on the Superficial Front Line of Fascia   
 Session 2 consists of work on the Superficial Back Line of Fascia
 Session 3 consists of work on the Lateral Line Fascia
 Session 4 consists of work on the Spiral Line Fascia
 Session 5, 6, 7 and 8 consist of work on the Deep Line of Fascia
 Sessions 9-12 Integrate all of the lines including the arm lines which are worked throughout the series

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