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Shamanic Dreaming Ceremony

Friday, February 24, 2017
Time:   7:00 pm until we finish
Location:  North Raleigh  

We invite all you Dreamers who are ready to connect with your Soul, to seek answers, to heal, to create and manifest your dreams in your life. With the help of the Spirit Keepers and Animal Beings of the four directions, we'll journey around the sacred Medicine Wheel to consciously connect into the world of Spirit.  Previous experience Journeying is not necessary, we just request that you come with an open heart and a willingness to let go of ego.

We'll begin in the East, the place of clarity, illumination and new beginnings; the place where the possibilities abound and the choice is always ours.  We'll seek the assistance of Eagle to take flight and see the big picture and Hawk who is the messenger.  

The South is the place of healing, child like awe, innocence and laughter.  It's Keepers are the dreamers of Dragonfly, Dolphin and Lizard; Coyote teaches us to not take ourselves so seriously and Rabbit assists us to reach beyond our fears.  

In the West, we journey into the place of going within.   We enter the cave of the Bear for introspection, spin the web of creation with Grandmother Spider and stand in both worlds at the same time with Jaguar.  

Then we head into the North, the place of Wisdom, Gratitude, and the cold hard truth.  It's where Hummingbird reminds us of joy and that we can change directions rapidly; where Whale sings the song of our life and Buffalo holds the abundance available to each of us.  

By dancing around the Medicine Wheel in Ceremony, we open to the Sacred Spiral of life, creating space for balance: giving and receiving, stillness and action.  We invite you to come with specific questions for the Guides and Helpers you may meet along your journey, or not. Simply leave your expectations behind and be open to the magic.  

Fee:  $50 prepayment required to reserve space.  space is limited

Contact: Terri Urban or 919-412-0167 
more info will be emailed when your space is reserved
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