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Soul Healing

Ever have thoughts that don't feel like yours?
Feel anger or fear and don't know why?
React emotionally for no apparent reason?


Soul Healing creates a safe opportunity to listen to, and integrate, information from a soul that has been influencing you—your feelings, thoughts, habits and/or relationships. These souls have been stuck between the worlds because they think they have unfinished business to resolve.  Religion often refers to these souls as "earthbound."

Some of the ways that we can experience these souls are as thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain, negativity, fear and confusion.  

During the healing, you will be better able to discern the true you and what you have taken on that is not part of the true you. The soul that has been stuck is then released to go with their Lights—their own Spirit Helpers or Guardian Angels.

When you make a commitment to participate in a Soul Healing, your Spirit Helpers/ Guardian Angels, determine which souls, or energy patterns, will come through the Healer for healing at this time. Most souls are stuck in confusion, misunderstanding, unfinished business, or thought patterns and need clarification and understanding in order to move on. Soul Healing creates a safe container for release and clarity so all participants can move on from habitual patterns which may be holding them back. Soul Healing also creates an opportunity for the angelic realm, the higher dimensions, to speak and offer teachings.

Individual Soul Healing sessions can be scheduled at anytime. 

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