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  • Kinesis Myofascial Integration
    Structural Integration
    January 2008
  • Medical Arts Massage School
    Certified Massage Therapist, 2000
  • Atlantic Community College
    Associates Applied Science
    Major: Physical Therapist Assistant, 1996


  • Pregnancy Massage Therapist- Nurturing the Mother
  • Infant Massage Instructor- International Association of Infant Massage Instructors
  • Massage Therapist- Medical Arts Massage School

License and Professional Organizations

Terri Urban, LMBT

Terri Urban is a Healer, and a Dreamer, who uses Structural Integration, Massage and ancient shamanic teachings to help people(and their canine companions) create healing, self-awareness and transformation in their lives.  She does her best to meet people where they are on their journey.  Terri can walk between, and bridge, the worlds of the anatomy/medical model and that of energy healing.  She has been doing bodywork with people for over 18 years, with canines for 9 years and has been teaching bodywork since 2000.  She currently teaches an Introduction to Structural Integration class as part of Wake Technical Community College's Therapeutic Massage Program. 

She began her career as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) in 1996. As a PTA, Terri worked with a diverse patient population including Outpatient orthopaedics, Brain Injury, Alzheimer's unit, Psyche ward, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sub-acute and long term nursing units.  

Terri is a member of Carolina Emergency Response Massage Team (CERMT). CERMT is a non profit organization that offers massage therapy to relief workers during times of man made and natural disasters. Terri has volunteered with CERMT since 2000 and has worked with relief workers during events such as Hurricane Floyd, Kinston Chemical plant Explosion, Hurricane Alex and Hurricane Isabel. She spent 2 weeks in New York City volunteering massage during the 9/11 recovery and one week in Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina giving massage to police, firefighters and health department command centers. 

        Through my work with CERMT I have 
        been able to see how touch can create a 
        tremendous amount of healing. Through
        the unfortunate devastation in New York
        and Mississippi, I was able to witness the 
        best of humanity. As people from all over 
        the world pulled their resources 
        together to help those in need.  It's how 
        the world should be everyday.

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